Welcome to find out why they say that Sonklin Dream Massage is the “Diamond of Massages”!

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Sonklin Dream Massage is aimed to give you a completely relaxed and wonderful experience, within a tranquil, dreamy and private environment, where all focus will be on the calming body sensations that follow the new and unique concept of “dream massage”.

The “Dream Massage” was developed by Wilasini “Noon” Jantason, the director and co-founder of Sonklin Dream Massage. Noon became a professional masseuse in Bangkok at the age of 19. She has vast experience of massage after working internationally for more than half of her professional life, in Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and more.

It is thanks to these many experiences that she was inspired to create the new and unique concept of “Dream Massage”. Apart from being in charge of the Sonklin Dream Massage franchise, she is also personally training and educating all massage girls to guarantee that the quality and spirit of the Dream Massage is well performed.

Noon is the typical home-grown and hard working girl from Isaan. She grew up on a small rice farm in the Loei Province with her parents, brother and many cousins, aunts and uncles. She frequently and happily visits her home town in between her business ventures and likes the traditional culture of the country side.

The relationship between Sonklin Dream Massage and its massage girls is very important, and that is why we offer better deals to the girls than any other massage shop. For us, relationships will always be more important than business. You are much welcome to be part of our dream!