Friendship and love between a guy and a female

Friendship and love between a guy and a female


Going for a gf doesn’t only destroy the household, it ruins society, and those that do this are threatened aided by the punishment and wrath of Allaah. Love is a vomiting that ruins one’s heart and contributes to wicked and immorality. The Shaytaan could keep tempting them and pressing them until they commit immoral actions and therefore each gets exactly what she or he wishes through the other.

There are many forbidden issues related to this, such as for example transgressing up against the honour of other people, betraying trust, being alone with a part of this contrary intercourse, pressing, kissing, talking immoral words, then your greater evil which does occur at the conclusion, which can be the sin of zina.

The fact that the questioner claims “no one is aware of us” is strange. How do he ignore their Lord that knows what exactly is secret and what exactly is yet more concealed, and whom understands the fraudulence for the optical eyes and all sorts of that the hearts conceal. (cf. Ghaafir 40:19).

Our advice for you, that he is watching; fear Allaah concerning people’s honour; strive for the Day when you will meet your Lord with your deeds; remember the scandal that may happen in this world and the Hereafter as you are still young, is to discipline yourself to obey Allaah and always remember. Keep in mind you like for one of them what you are doing with the daughters of the Muslims that you have sisters and will have a wife and daughters, so would? The solution is like it, and other people do not like it either that you would certainly not. Keep in mind that you might start to see the outcomes of your sin in certain of one’s members of the family being a punishment to you personally from your own Lord. Continue reading “Friendship and love between a guy and a female”